• Negotiate your role in a scene before entering it.

  • Negotiate what you want from the scene, don’t be vague

  • Know the area where you are doing the scene and how to navigate it

  • Make sure play is safe and consensual.

  • If you choose to play, observe designated safe words and gestures.

  • Don’t interrupt anyone else’s “scene.”

  • Adhere to designated play areas

  • Sexual acts may only be performed in designated spaces

  • Don’t open closed doors. They may be off limits, or a private scene is happening behind them.

  • Follow any additional rules that the organizer specifies or posts.

Play Area Rules

  • Don’t touch Anyone or Anything (such as another person’s toys) without permission.

  • Be mindful of body fluids.

  • Clean Up your Own Mess.

  • Make sure all toys are clean and sanitized.

  • Take Care of your Hygiene. This is a given, but please ensure you are clean before engaging with others during a scene.

General Hygiene Etiquette

  • Consent is Key and Required

  • No sex Scenes without negotiation.

  • Be polite to everyone you encounter.

  • Be Courteous After play.

  • Don’t assume anyone you meet is single, available, or interested.

  • Don’t assume that a submissive is willing to be submissive to you.

  • If participating in a sexual Scene, Practice Safe Play! – ALWAYS carry protection.

  • Adhere to Event Etiquette and Protocol.

  • Don’t discuss the details of the party after it’s over. A good rule of thumb: “What happens at an event stays at the event. 

  • Know who your Dungeon Concierge or Monitor is

  • Know where to find a first aid station

General Etiquette 

  • No one under 21 is permitted.

  • Drugs or other illegal substances are prohibited at our events. If you are suspected of being under the influence, you will be asked to leave without a refund. 

  • Alcohol and Cannabis consumption may be acceptable depending on the function. Guests may be asked to leave if they are overly intoxicated.

  • Without prior approval and waiver signature, no one can stream, photograph, or record audio and/or video anywhere on the premises.

  • Anyone entering or leaving our events must be in vanilla attire. No nudity or extreme fetish gear.

    • Nudity is indoors only.

  • The door must remain open if more than one person is in the bathroom.

  • Weapons are NOT permitted on-premises, and anyone found in the procession of a weapon will be asked to leave without a refund and will be subject to membership termination.

  • Neither the Emporium, Its council, nor the board of volunteers shall be liable to any attendee for injury to persons or property incurred due to the attendance of our events.

  • Refrain from smoking unless it’s a designated smoking area.

  • Please do not approach, interact with, or feed the animals at the venue.

Event Rules General


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