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Our goal is to build a community around Safety, Education, Consent, and Diversity.

"Emporium Council 2022"

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  • Classes

The Emporium offers a BDSM 101 class and kink and fetish-related courses at the Studio through Kink Haven. In the BDSM class, we give a bottom-up overview of different fetishes, lifestyles, and toys and a helpful impact play demo. Kink Haven also brings its show on the road with topics surrounding kink-ed, nerd/kink culture, and dynamic safety. We are working with other vendors to provide in-depth classes on multiple topics.


  • Community Gatherings

We accommodate everything from parties to munches at The Studio. We have media available, comfortable seating, and additional accommodations depending on the event.


  • Play Parties

The Studio is a flexible space that can be rearranged to provide a comfortable area for play parties, video events, or kinky gatherings.


  • Dungeon (Coming Soon)

We are working with vendors to build a fun and engaging dungeon for even more play options. We have structures such as a rope rig, St. Andrew's Cross, and others available, but we hope to have a full dungeon in 2023.

The Studio 

The Studio (as we call it) is a secure and safe place to gather, play, and be your beautiful kinky selves. The Studio offers an alternative to going to a club or bar for gatherings; we offer classes, munches, and special events. Our space is located centrally in Connecticut. Easy to get to from New York or Massachusetts if you are traveling. 


Please use the "Contact Us" button to inquire about events, classes, and general information.

Your Hosts


Pixie, BlackRaven, and NotchyNV have joined forces to create a space and community that goes above and beyond. With consent and kink education in mind, your hosts are constantly honing their craft and researching what makes for a great experience. You can read about your hosts below.




Kinkster, Eclectic Pagan, Gorean Master, Designer, Educator, and Gamer Nerd.  Been in the lifestyle for about 30 years. Host of the Alternative Play podcast, where I talk about the crossover between kink and all forms of nerd culture. The Alternative Play RPG Livestream is where kink meets D&D and other roleplaying games. 

Pixie Chimeric


Pixie has been in the kink lifestyle for 12 years and has decided to take her knowledge of BDSM and passion for it to the next level. Her dream is to nurture budding kinksters in a way that helps them feel welcome in the community and keep everyone safe. Ever the social butterfly, she also hopes to strengthen the community by helping people build lasting friendships and dynamics and keep the event scene fun, active, and progressive.



Notch has sought her BDSM/ fetish lifestyle journey for many years. Now she has gained the opportunity to explore and encourage others to explore this great lifestyle. Notch is a down-to-earth switch who adores subbing, photography (as most voyeurs do), and networking with others to connect the community in a safe & consenting environment.



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